Our Issues

Forget the vague soundbites and mush-mouthed talking points you get from typical politicians. We need more adults in our General Assembly, and that means tackling the issues that matter to you and your family — and digging deep to fix the root of the problems.


Our campaign is focused on expanding our economy, strengthening our schools, and calibrating our courts. You can read more about what we want to do in each of those 3 areas at the links below.


North Carolina is still recovering from the 2009 recession, with our unemployment rate higher than the national average, a quarter-million of our fellow citizens still unemployed, and thousands more struggling to find jobs that pay enough to keep up with healthcare expenses and college tuition. The politicians in Raleigh say they’re trying to help — … Continue reading “Jobs”

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From pre-kindergarten through doctoral degrees, our public education system is the main gateway for millions of North Carolinians to get good-paying jobs that help them provide for their families and give back to their community. It’s a great system that has withstood the tests of time — but with your help, we’ll make it even … Continue reading “Education”

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Court Reform

In an ideal world, most of us would be able to go most of our lives without ever setting foot into a courthouse. But whether you get a speeding ticket or need to handle a loved one’s estate or something else entirely, our court system reaches into almost everyone’s life at some point — and … Continue reading “Court Reform”

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